EverGreen Farm House ECR

Evergreen Farm House ECR

This beautiful Evergreen Farm House ECR is an oceanfront location on ECR’s that’s close to well-known beaches, fun shops, cute cafes, and restaurants. When your backyard is a serene private stretch of the ECR beach, spending an entire afternoon lounging under the sun is a perfectly reasonable weekend plan.

This farm house in ecr provides you the peace and tranquility of having access to your very own private beach. This coastline is safe, has very pleasant environment and offers you plenty of privacy

Beyond the lush greenery garden and private road-lined beaches, this farm house in ecr has more to offer than meets the eye. Lawn spaces and guest rooms are lined with handpicked contemporary art.

The ecr beach house’s modern elegance marries well with contemporary minimalism. Combined, it radiates a meditative quality sure to soothe.

Experience the changing landscape quickly transforms before your eyes as the sun moves across the sky.

Green garlands and a red brick terrace make the exterior space feel like a secret garden, an ideal location for private holiday stays.  If you're searching for a private beach house in ecr, minutes from city-famous attractions in one of ECR's most popular and visited property.

Amenities in Evergreen Farm House ECR

  • 3 AC bedrooms and 1 Non AC Bedroom
  • Kids play area
  • Carom board, TT board
  • Swimming pool with 5 feet depth
  • Separate pool for kids with 3 feet depth

Features of Evergreen Farm House ECR

  • Private property with greenish garden
  • Walk able distance to beach
  • Parking space
  • Indoor and outdoor play items

EverGreen FarmHouse

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